Below is a summary of the videos about Belize that highlight the beauty of the country and the different projects Astrum Helicopters has been involved in Belize.

Maya Mountains River Expedition - Aerials

07/08/2013 - Aerials of the Maya Mountains River Expedition. A new Adventure available from Astrum Helicopters & Mountain Equestrian Trails. The video is mostly of the recognizance flight of the river after we dropped off the expedition group. This Adventure will be a 5 day Kayak trip on a remote river, the views speak for themselves. This is a once in a lifetime trip.

Stayed tuned for the second video withe footage from the river. Filmed using a GoPro3 Black camera.

Cross Country Cycling Classic 2013

03/30/2013 - The Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, is a one-day amateur cycling race held in Belize every year during the Easter holidays. It is Belize's biggest cycling event and has begun to be recognized internationally. The estimated distance of the Classic is some 140 miles. Read the article at

Bushmasters Helicopter Jump

02/18/2013 - The chopper develops a mid air emergency and has to ditch. The pilot orders you to jump into the sea and swim for a close by Caye, before he crashes. As a group and with nothing but the scarce resources of a small island, the chopper survival kit and your own training and ingenuity you have to survive til rescue comes....Can you cope! Read more at

The Bachelor - Season 16, Episode 7

02/13/2012 - Ben and the six remaining ladies head off to beautiful Belize. The hometown dates are just around the corner, so there's a lot on the line this week.

Message in a Bottle - Lindzi scores the first of three one-on-one dates which will not end with a rose at stake. She and Ben hop on a helicopter. Then they hop out of a helicopter into the Blue Hole. Go to for more details on The Bachelor.

Playmates at Play in Belize

11/10/2011- Playmates Lauren Anderson and Jaime Edmondson are best friends and thrill junkies - the perfect pair for us to send to Belize for the experience of a lifetime. Read the article at

Road Trip on the Hummingbird in Belize
05/03/2011 - A drive along the Hummingbird Highway gives visitors a great taste of Belize. Holly Firfer reports for CNN.

Belize Trailer from Belize Tourism Board (
A new travel presentation on the small Central American nation of Belize. Shot in stunning HD video, this short 15 min. film explores Belize's Coral Reefs, Jungles, Maya ruins and Cultures for the adventurous traveler or those seeking rest and relaxation.

Belize from the Air

Video presentation of Astrum Helicopters. Aerial scenes of Belize highlighting the many destinations we offer.

NBC Today Show

11/17/2009 & 11/18/2009 - Below are two videos from the NBC Today Show (LIVE from Belize on November 17 & 18, 2008), for more videos go to our dedicated page for the TODAY Show.

Discovering the Blue Hole
Nov. 17: The reef off the coast of Belize known as the Blue Hole may be in trouble because of rising ocean temperatures. TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports.

An aerial view of the Blue Hole
Nov. 17: TODAY’s Matt Lauer takes a helicopter tour above the Blue Hole and along the coastline of Belize. 


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